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Let me paint you a picture…
Life in the Flame household.  I've already mentioned it isn't the Pinterest dream, but I should emphasise this isn't the classic "Oh look at the state of the place" whilst sweeping arm across pristine room to indicate one crumb.

You enter the hallway of doom - a dumping ground for everything evicted from the car (don't even mention the car). Shoes live in the cupboard.  They are obviously scattered across the floor.

The lounge depends on the day.  P.J.s of some sort are always lurking there somewhere.  At least one abandoned cup.  This is a Good Day.  It is rare.  The other 95% of the time it is covered with toys, one crisp packet (always one), random stuff on my nice shelves.  Airing cupboard half open.

The kitchen/dining room.  This is where the Mountains live.  At least two, currently three.  I have too many clothes for the children.  I also have some mental block about putting them away.  The mountains are CLEAN washing.  Dishes are again hit and miss based on my mood, how much I have been in, if the hairy one cooked...

Back garden is a mess of kids toys. It will be better this summer! Yeah! (clearly never said that before).

Upstairs is good. Which is annoying as no-one sees it. The awesome Stray and Kirsty came and spent four full days helping me blitz both my room and the children's and we've actually kept them straight. Go us!!

So, that is the house.

Life...?  Three children.  Two at school... 6 set activities, plus homework, plus most weekends not with me... It is a lot to cram in!! 

Mornings I suck at.  Thankfully I have B who gets up, sorts tv etc (and toast when she isn't being totally unreasonable and being a child - I mean, seriously, kids today....), I groan, throw uniforms at them, dress Strawb and my brain catches up with being awake at about 9.30am.

Evening meals should be a delightful bonding thing, occasionally they are.  More often than not they are children eating whilst I hide for five minutes not being talked at.

Oh I've not mentioned the cats!!  Willow is my big tortie who doesn't really show anyone other than me affection. She was lonely and miserable so we got her a kitten friend... Wash.  Wash is black and white and possibly the most stupid kitten in the world.  Often known as Minewa due to Strawb claiming her from day one "MINE WA'". I am having an ongoing litter training issue.  With Wash.  Well Strawb too to be fair.

(Struggling to find a picture of Willow... I'll add it when I do)

*disclaimer for blog: I can be judgey and snobby at times, not my best quality but I am at least honest about it.  If you're shocked etc then you are clearly judging me for judginess so you can sit in your judgey pants and realise you're no better than me.

**Strawb will probably be the most mentioned offspring.  Not due to favoritism but due to her being with me all day.  My favourite is generally the sleeping one.

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