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Some sort of introduction?
So, I've spent the past few years feeling like I have lost "me" and turned into Mum.  It has taken a lot of searching, but Me seems to be well and truly found.  Woohoo!

Then, watching something on tv last night (ok, it was Glee.  I embrace various dubious tv such as Glee, X Factor up until they changed it all last year, ANTM...  deal with it.), and they were talking about kids growing up and you wanting them to not trash the kitchen or wake you at 5am, and then they are grown up and gone and you've missed it.  It kind of hit a nerve that I spend so much time doing the whole mum thing, that I don't really experience it with all the quirks and fun bits that it does actually bring when I am not yelling at them to shut up and sleep.

Hence the blog.  Figured it will give me time to reflect and appreciate it more, and if anyone other than me wants to read it, kind of give a view of what life is like for someone that doesn't live the Pinterest life of baking cakes and chalk walls (seriously - tell a child they can draw on a wall, they will draw on all walls.)
So, I should probably introduce the players (it turns out I say so a lot).

Me:  Lone parent (I am against "single mum" as I am not single).  A few attention issues - shiny things will distract me.  Pretty much always tired and having some sort of mood swing.  I'm not sure what my current favourite song is (realised this after writing the rest... :'( ).  I guess since this blog is about mum me, it would have to be Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love, or McFly - All About You.  They are my ones I link with my babies. 

B:  The eldest.  9 in 21 days (she told me this morning).  My quirky little girl.  Picture a watered down version of Sheldon from The Big Bang theory and you're pretty much there.  Very dry.  Often referred to as Little Miss Literal.  Wouldn't change her for the world.  Mainly because change is wrong and she would cry 😉  Current favourite song is Come Back to Texas by Bowling for Soup.  I approve.

Dude: 6 yrs old.  Destined to be an Evil Genius.  Likes climbing, taking things apart, and Terraria.  Current favourite song is a Bruno Mars one about girls sharing his carrot... Yes, he has the musical taste of a teenage girl.

Strawb: 2yrs old.  Suddenly growing up at a rate of knots.  Notts?  Nots?  I dunno - the one they grow up at.  Chattering constantly, but most of it completely unintelligible without guess work and hand guestures.  Apparently yelling the same thing at me louder and louder will help.  Always snotty, a tantrumming princess regardless of me wanting her to not be a princess.  Her favourite song is Blame it on the Boom Boom - Black Stone Cherry - again, I approve.

Oh, should probably mention Stray too as she is generally involved in day to day life - Strawb has a love/hate relationship with "Ashha", generally telling her to STAY and then randomly wanting cuddles.

I shall continue later when I am not meant to be doing other things....

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