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Fun with hair!
The best thing about having a girl, is that I can play with all the pretty hair things that I could never achieve on my own hair.  (Adam is mean and won't let me do pretty styles with his...)

Today is the start of our 5 day weekend.  Strawb is curled up with Peppa Pig after my whole "she's not had much dairy" theory backfired and she was sick.  She's absolutely fine now, just feeling a bit sorry for herself.  She wants noodle shoop.  In a cup.  Must go to the shop in a bit to buy that...  The shoop, not the cup.  We have cups.  Doubtful that they are clean but still...

Anyway... Hair!

Good old Pinterest has had me "liking" different fancy hair pics for months, and today I finally had the patience and time to play.  B was willing to be my guinea pig, so we looked at the pictures and this one won.

So, with me turning my head and trying to figure out how it would work, we armed ourselves with brush and hair stuff pot, and got started...

All went well, until we got to the bottom and then B had to have her face into the bed with me climbing over her back to get to the right position whilst still grasping a half done plait.  It then got closer to the centre and started to pinch, so our fun bonding turned into sobs of "It hurts Mummy!" with me saying "We're nearly done, I promise!! Then you can have some of my special chocolate!"

I then realised that she has more hair than scalp and had no clue what I was going to do with the middle bit that was still left over.  But never fear! I decided carry on plaiting, then sort of loop it into itself so the end was hidden underneath!  A plan with no drawbacks you would think!!  

You would of course be wrong.  Hair grips get eaten in the same way that socks do.  I found a grand total of ONE in that pot.  So I ended up having to use big silver hair slides to hold the centre in place, which didn't exactly give the effect I was going for... Still... Final results...?

 (that photo was post pinching, but pre chocolate....)

 Stupid slide...

 This photo I like!  

Fifteen minutes to do, probably won't happen again until she forgets that it hurt, but still... Mission accomplished!

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