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Guilt… and the teeny tiny thumbprint on my forehead
Guilt comes with the job.

You get your Mum badge.  You get handed a pack of babywipes (that you realise will clean ANYTHING and you have no clue what that must be doing to your skin as you merrily wipe off your make up with them - you block out what they may also be doing to the child's skin), and you get the big old backpack to carry around the guilt in.

Strawb is lactose intolerant.  Or something.  She's not had tests, but when we tried cutting out all dairy and putting her onto soya milk at about 10 months old, she stopped waking with screaming pain every night, and started sleeping through.  Not to mention dramatic snot reduction.

As she's gotten older, I've slackened off a bit.  She has butter, she has the odd slice of pizza, a bit of chocolate, when she is really lucky she gets her beloved lasagne.  (Poor little thing was just weaned, had a firm favourite food... and then had to lose it due to dairy).  Anyway, she has a bit here and there, too much and she goes excessively snotty so I know she's had too much and we back off.  I tend to give pizza on weeks when there has been very little of anything else.  

She's still 100% soya milk though to drink and on cereal.  When I buy them, she is on soya yoghurts.

Yesterday on The Shopping Trip the Dude gave me the big blue eyes and wanted the yoghurt in the shape of strawberries.  I went to get the Phineas and Ferb jellies (dairy free frube type jelly goodness), but they didn't have any.  Then I spotted the Peppa Pig fromage frais.

Yes, I know, I know, I know... But she adores Peppa Pig and I knew it would create the bouncy face.  You don't get characters on soya yoghurt because allergy kids must suffer.  And yes, I am very much inclined to do stuff to make the bouncy face.  More so with her than the other two.

So, I added it up, and decided it was worth a shot.  She hadn't had that much dairy during the week (yes, I was forgetting that I had picked up pizza for dinner), and she's been tolerating it much better...

Turns out she still can't handle yoghurt.

Poor little thing was sick to get rid of it in the night, and has spent the day just curled up looking miserable, clutching a bottle and wanting cuddles.

Immense guilt about "poisoning" my baby and putting her in pain.  She is currently curled up asleep in my bed where I found her at dinner time.

But y'know what, yes she's been hurty today, but you should have seen the beam as she ate the yoghurt.  She is gradually tolerating more, which will make life easier for her in the future, but I guess we're a little way off Peppa Pig yoghurt for the time.

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