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Period pains mummy is a bitch…
We discovered this today.

The short ones have been gone since Friday evening.  A day longer than the normal "longer" weekends.  By yesterday evening I was starting to miss them.  (Go me with the maternal instinct).

So today, I was curled up on my bed waiting for them.  I got very little sleep the night before due to nightmares, my stomach was hurting, but I was still looking forward to seeing them.  We would spend time together, we would Walk To The Shop (a much requested activity).  It would be good.

5 mins after they got home....

"I'm hungry!"

"I'm bored!"

"I don't want to WTTS because I am dying of starvation and my legs are so underused that I can't make it 5 paces without asking for the car!"

Mummy didn't take it very well.  They had been fed lunch prior to coming home.  I had downloaded a pile of xbox demos to be a Nice Mummy and they were !@#$%^&* at me about being bored.

We decided to give up on bonding and went to see Stray instead.

Some days there is what you want to be as a mum.  Other days there is what you are capable of.

Today was option B.

I did however become slightly nicer mummy when we got back (pains eased).  Strawb got her "shoopinnacup" that she wanted for dinner (she's all rashy so is 100% dairy free again this week - booooo), and then appeared completely naked asking for frimples (glitter dust "sprinkles").  I convinced her that a bath was a better move instead.

So, she was in quite happily, I turn my back for 5 seconds to deal with stuff, and turn back to her splashing on her front in the water.  I did the classic panic, and dove towards her asking if she was ok... turns out she was fine, not drowning...

"I memmay!"


"Yes!!!"  {beaming grin}

I have no idea when my baby girl turned into a proper little child who plays at being a mermaid in the bath.  Choked me up a little bit because my baby baby is gone, but there is a whole person who can actually interact who is emerging, and they are way more fun.

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