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The rest of the players
Kirsty complained that I started introductions but got distracted by shiny things.

So, who are the other players likely to crop up?

Kirsty - Also called "Other Mummy".  Looked at with suspicion by the cats.  Looked at with awe by Strawb on account of her being a Tattooed Priestess (Strawb is in huge support of tattoos).  Big two are in favour of her due to her coming complete with Ozzy (Dude's age and a great match), Rocky (Strawb's "best friend" according to her), and MJ who "gets" B.  Oh and Cody who rocks as babysitter...  I have no clue what her favourite song is or if I approve, but I know she does appreciate parodies such as One Guitar.

Stray - She had a brief intro earlier.  Comes complete with Ty and Trin who are pretty much the equivalent of cousins for the short people.  Again, no clue on her favourite song, but I do know that she likes Pointing and Shouting

Adam - Hairy goth who puts up with us all 🙂  Most often quoted song would be Confessions

If any of you have issue with your descriptions, feel free to complain.  I may change them.  Depending on how obedient I am being.

Thems listed are the people I see most often, so likely to crop up.

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