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My little fairy
Feel like writing a bit about Strawb.  I've been evil, stroppy, hormonal mummy for the past 2 days, and it suddenly lifted earlier when it was mainly me & Strawb time, so I got to appreciate her a bit.

She's been a girly girl from the start.  Whereas B suited little shorts and floaty tops (I wasn't against dresses, she had a few but just suited other stuff more), Strawb is a dress girl.  She has been the stereotypical homing in on everything pink, and glittery, and dolls...  The doll house that has been sat there for 6 years is finally being loved.

Her birthday last year she was given this little pack with wings, a fairy and a pretty skirt.  The skirt and fairy were liked, but nothing huge bond type thing.  The wings though... 

For a full fortnight she wasn't seen without the wings.  She wore them over her coat, under her coat, over her pjs... they gradually became molded to the shape of her shoulders from sleeping with them on, and eventually (much to her dismay) just fell apart and literally fell off of her.

We have gotten new wings, but none have ever matched up to that first pair.  

She loves being a fairy though, and will suddenly rediscover her current wings and wear them for days again.

Today, she has tolerated stroppy me, she has been a fairy, she "flew" to school (which involves running down the road flapping her arms yelling "FLY!! FLY!!").  

I took her with me to the swimming lessons today.  This has been generally avoided as much as humanly possible because she just got bored and tried to join the others in the water.  She's grown up a lot though, so I turned down the offer of help and took her with me.

She was so, so lovely.  Nothing like Dude was when B was first having lessons (I would leave ready to sob and disown him).  She flew up and down the seats, she waved to the others, she pleaded with me to "fwim fwim!!" (I have promised we will go soon).  She then announced that she wanted to go in "baby cot" (poolside playpen thing), and happily sat there watching the others for the rest of the lesson!?

Ok, so I could have done without her suddenly deciding that we were starting potty training now and removing her nappy and stomping off to the toilets, but I guess they tell you when they are ready?  {wibble}

We got home, and she played with frimples (glitter sprinkles), made herself sparkly, insisted on a princess bowl for dinner, and then curled up tucked in next to both Minnie Mouses (Minnie Mice?) having insisted on me kiss and hug all three of them before tucking them in.
Adding Frimples this evening

She can be a stroppy fairy who tends to wrap me round her finger, but she is incredibly cute too.

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