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That morning thing
I may have mentioned this before {innocent}, but I am sooooooooooooo not a morning person.  The children are lucky to get random grunts from me on a weekday (in amongst the yelling to get ready), and at weekends I tend to burrow under my duvet until I have woken properly enough to be a vaguely functioning human being.  Lately the latter version is accompanied by "Do you want tea Mummy???  Mummy do you want tea?!?!?!"

Today I would have actually killed for tea, but none of the children absolutely didn't fiddle with the setting on the fridge to turn it off (that is a double negative and doesn't actually make sense when I read it, but writing it properly doesn't sound the same, what with it being different, so I am leaving it.  Grammar be damned!), so the milk was off.

Anyway... on some mornings I will be attempting to hide and be grumpy, and a small child - usually Strawb - will appear next to me.  All grinning and vaguely dopey looking (from sleep, not just generally dopey), and nudge me to let them crawl in next to me.  If it is too early I will growl (I will feel guilt, but still growl).

On mornings like today though, the sun is streaming in through my window, the small dopey looking child comes and asks for frimples, and then wants to curl up next to me.  She gave me this huge beaming grin, and snuggled next to me.

She then spotted R2D2 on the floor next to the bed.  He is mine btw, children keep trying to claim him but He Is Mine.

He came into bed with us too, bleeping away merrily.

Then came Dude, who asked if he could snuggle up next to Strawb - tickling commenced, complete with the hysterical giggles that small children can produce, which in turn tends to set me off.  

Then Wash joined us too to pounce on wriggling feet, and generally be known.

I went from grumpy, hiding mummy, to laughing, tickling mummy.  I love it when my mornings start like that.  Not doing anything, just enjoying being together.

(B was lurking making toast, and playing on the computer whilst this was going on - she is at that horrible in between stage where sometimes she is Too Old to join in... soon she will hit The Age of Not Believing {sob}).

*Not entirely relevant, but I also love photos like that - They both have hair all over the place, Strawb looks all puffy from sleep, the light is all over the place, but it is real.  It is how it was and no messing about to get decent lighting.

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