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The Dude
Gonna write a bit about my baby boy now.

One of my favourite photos of him

He has always been diddy.  Actually, I lie, he was fairly standard sized until about 6 months old when he decided to give up on growing.  Now, he is a solid little thing of pure muscle, but still only coming up to his best friend's shoulder (to be fair, Jamie is tall, but still...).

This was his first birthday... he was small enough to fit in a standard sized gift bag
He is the first of the children to have been bitten by the radioactive spider.  We had to put two stair gates on the bedroom door to stop him escaping and he would still climb over the top.
Looking at the date this was added to Facebook - he was about 24 months old

My little dude, when the others would settle to some sort of rock, if we flicked through music channels when he was crying, he would calm to Boyzone.  He was always this little bouncy, flamboyant thing with a love of glitter, and nail varnish, and musicals.  He would sit in the back of the car getting all excited when "his" part of HSM Status Quo would come on ("Coat and tie!") at about Strawb's age.  He would squabble with Trin over having the pink cutlery.


Then, he started school and became A Boy.

He no longer liked girls.  He no longer liked sparkles.  He was too boyish for HSM and just wanted Ben 10 and Bakugan.

He does love Dr Who though so he channelled his need to dress up into that instead, and went through a phase of wanting to wear bow ties lots.

This last 6 months though, MY Dude seems to be suddenly coming back.  It started with "Can I have nail varnish on my toes too please...?  Black or blue though!!" (when he was about 2 he first painted his toe nails with my red nail varnish, and loved them).  It then moved on to "Can I have some of my glitter powder too?" (they each have their own pot of "frimples").  Then a couple of weeks ago he made a request to watch HSM2 and was bouncing round the lounge to it.

Last weekend, B was painting her and Strawb's toenails, and he now sports silver toenails. 

Today was my biggest moment though of feeling like I have my little boy back, not what school and growing up turned him into... We went to the park with Grumps, and he came over to where I was making Strawb daisy caterpillars and asked me if I would make him a daisy chain to go on his hair.

He did however make me promise not to put the photo on Facebook.  This obviously isn't Facebook. 😉

Then he sat himself down with Grumps and told him that he likes to watch football but he never gets to (damn having a mum who isn't into sports, and a dad who is only into rugby).  It was really nice seeing them there together.

I love my little boy to bits in all forms, but seeing the old him emerging out of the cookie cutter BOY is amazing.  I hope he can keep hold to himself as much as possible.

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