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A reminiscey one
What?  That's a word!!

Zombie B in April '12

In two days my baby girl turns 9.  Obviously, it is the same with each of them on each birthday, that feeling of "Wow, when did that happen?"

Last night watching Glee
I sat there with her yesterday evening watching Glee, discussing things like "You never let ANYONE hit you, even if you love them or they say they love you" trying to work out when she became old enough to understand those conversations.

This time 9 years ago I was in full on stroppy bitch mode.  I feel sure you are shocked and horrified by such a notion, but alas, it is true.  I knew my conception date.  The scan date was a month different, and nothing I said would make them agree that I knew when things had happened with my body.

About 18 months old I think?
Which left me a month overdue and ready to kill the world.  I sat sobbing watching Charmed because the entire season had been very accurate for pregnancy progression (which is surprising for tv), and "Even Piper has had her baby and I still don't have mine!!!".

But eventually, she did bother to appear.

Probably about 2 1/2
She's my quirky little girl.  Not quite like the other children she knows, but I kinda like that in some ways.  Where they seem to have grown in and out of Disney and be on Twilight back packs now, she is only just starting on Wizards of Waverley Place.  She will sit and chatter on about Buffy despite no-one at school having any idea what she is talking about.
Her 2nd Birthday

She adores Bon Jovi because Auntie Suzie likes them.

She's just come running in from outside very concerned because a boy wants to be friends with them, but she's not sure it is a good idea because he is telling them to keep it a secret that his friend stole £2000 and now has the police looking for him (!?!??!)  I am with her on this...

First day of school
Yes, she can be a struggle with change, loud noises, and making things orderly (not her room of course, but shopping trips when she was younger and kept neatening the shelves took forever!), but in general she is an incredibly sweet, intelligent, very serious little girl, with an awesome sense of humour.

It hasn't been the most stable couple of years, but she has come out of the other side a child that I am proud of.  I swear that she did most of it without my assistance, but I am still claiming credit!

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