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Chats with Baby Girl
Chats with Baby Girl (aka Strawb) rock.  We get to about 6.30pm and she comes to join me (that is my hiding at the computer time remember).  She tends to come in to tell me about Very Important Events occurring.  Usually involving frimples or Peppa Pig.

Tonight I heard her come upstairs and start playing in the bathroom sink.  There isn't a great deal of damage she can do there, and she was singing happily, so I let her get on with it.

I then heard and whingy sound.

She came through saying:

"I wet I wet I wet I wet!!!"

She wasn't wrong... her dress was indeed a smidge soggy.

"Really?"  {deadly serious face}

"My dress WET!!!!"

I descended into giggles...

"Not this one FUFFY!!!!"   {stamps foot and gives me her best Angry Face}

"Not funny?"


{stomps off slamming the door behind her}

Possibly laughing at a frustrated 2 yr old is wrong, but she is soooooooooooo funny at this time of day!

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