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Let’s try this again shall we?
Sorry, my brain was utterly against blogging for a few weeks.  It's annoying as I had birthday and stuff to blog about but it has completely escaped me.

Potty Training!

We've attempted this half heartedly a few times now (generally with both of us deciding it is too much effort to continue).  Saturday though, the small child was anti-nappies, we were in for the day, so I decided to let her get on with it... and she had no accidents!?!?!

Sunday we went with the nappies as we were going back and forth in the car lots.

Monday was bare bum at home, nappy out.

Yesterday though, we went for it and put on knickers.  Always the fun part.

Everyone has different methods for potty training.  With B we went with pull ups, found that she was lazy if she had them on, so gave up and had bare bum for a few days, and then putting knickers on and pretty much start from scratch whilst she worked out that knickers don't work the same way as pull ups.  Oh, and refuse point blank to use the potty for anything other than wee - that took producing a baby to sort (don't ask me how, but the child who would scream and hold it in until she had a night nappy on came to see her new baby brother, announced she needed to poo, sat on the potty and was fine ever since).

Dude, I did nothing.  He decided he was done with nappies and just did it.  I approve of this method.

Strawb, I have gone with a similar style to B.  Dresses, so no fiddling pulling stuff down, bare bum to begin with so that the "I must go NOW!" is easy, and now getting used to having knickers in the way.

So, anyway - yesterday we bit the bullet and went for knickers.  With the exception of the very first wee, she did it!  No accidents!

Not entirely sure how today is going to be, as we are going out and she is going to be more distracted, but she is ready this time, and I don't want to mess about and miss the opportunity.

(not the most exciting of posts for my return, I accept that, but what needed to be written about right now.  So there.)

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