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Battling Lightsabers
We came out of school today, and Dude was clutching two screwed up bits of paper - one coloured blue, one green.

I used to do the whole "tell me about what you've made" thing because asking them what it is is meant to be demeaning or crush their souls or something, but as time went on I realised that I am Mum, not divine being, and as a result I am NOT going to know what every single drawing and piece of creativity is, and it's not doing them any damage to know that Mummy doesn't know everything!  So, bypassing the round about method, I went with "What have you made?"


I looked at them again, and that was clearly what they were.  They had little black handles too.  He handed one to B when she came out of school, and they began an epic battle on the walk back to the car.  There were leaps, and turns, and no-one complaining that they had been unfairly hit.

Then, B decided to bring the fight to me.  That was a risky thing, because as much as I would love to be fun and bouncy mummy, the majority of the time I am stressy, stroppy, tired mummy, and whacking me with a bit of paper would make me a tad annoyed.

She looked vaguely concerned when I announced that it wasn't on attacking me when I was unarmed.

They both looked vaguely baffled as I got a letter out of the homework bag, and then the penny dropped as I started to screw it into a long shape...

The battle was on, and we fought our way back to the car.  I have no idea what the various passing parents thought because I don't even know if there were any.  Logically there must have been because we all park on the same road, but for that brief window all that was in my world was me, B, and Dude.  There was fighting, laughing, generally ganging up on me (that counts as teaching them teamwork right??), and those few minutes to the car felt like hours.

It's rare that I am that mum, but when I am, it feels incredible.  

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