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I need to start stuff again
That stuff should be stuff.

I'm restless.  I need to completely gut my house and start from scratch but half term is not the time to do that.  It feels like a change is in the air, and I might actually be able to get back on my feet for once.  (Obviously I shall now wait for life to come with a mallet and knock me out again).

I'm restless.  I may have said that.  I want to draw.  I want to write.  I want to make stuff.

My last attempted blog post was me explaining how I made the Alice dress, but I never actually finished it and it was too long ago now.    This was it anyway.

I'm feeling the need to bubble at the moment too, but again, half term isn't the best time to shut myself away from the world, and I can't switch off properly and just play games or anything in the evening as my computer is very much not a happy bunny, and I need to make a gazillion blinds still.

I have possibly been hiding from the blinds.  Tonight I shall continue though and sew whilst watching British Sewing Bee.

Look how awesome the first blind was though.  Made with the help of three blog tutorials and a healthy dose of Wing It.

I should probably put my drawing on here too.  I may have had a leeeeeeeeeetle bit to drink and gotten extremely mopey about never doing any drawing, so telling Furball to sit still whilst I scribbled.

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