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30 Happy Days
I'm struggling lately, I'm exhausted most of the time and it is frustrating me to tears, plus the rest of life isn't exactly going according to plan.

I've been seeing the 100 Happy Days photos on Facebook and they have been making me smile, but I am very aware that a) I am likely to be distracted way before 100 and then will get annoyed with myself for "failing" and b) Not all my happy things are photo moments, some are just moments.

So, I figured I will do 30 days.  A month (give or take) of just one positive moment a day being written down.  It doesn't have to be huge, just a reminder that every day gives a smile.

If it gets late in the day and I haven't posted, please, for the love of Joss, nudge me to do it.  If I don't he may kill off one of your beloved characters, or worse, keep Robin alive.  None of us wants to experience Agent Phil again.

Anyway, today I shall start early.  Today I woke hearing "They gave me fcking Rocket Raccoon!!!!"

I accept that to most people that isn't something that would stand out as a happy moment, but it made me laugh.  Furball has been a leetle bit focused on Avengers Alliance on Facebook, and there has been some PvP thing he has been doing.  I could go into very extensive detail, but the TL:DR version is that finishing in level B meant one thing (which he wanted), finishing in Level A meant getting Rocket Raccoon (not wanted).  Some glitch last night meant that they decided that to not piss everyone off, they bumped up all the final levels... that nudged him into A.

I had been listening to a lot of muttering about RR last night, so that cry of dismay this morning was far too amusing.

Relationships are meant to be built on enjoying the other person's suffering, right?

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