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Day Three… Urgh it’s a hard one
Ok, so today hasn't been a negative day by any means, but I am exhausted.  I phoned for my blood results and am now even more baffled as to wtf is wrong with me.  That, plus work, and much running about hasn't exactly brought joy and laughter.

BUT... it doesn't have to be side splitting humour happy, just happy happy.

B has been muttering about having hair like Elsa's coronation for a while now.  

I've looked at lots of pictures, forced myself to watch Let It Go on a loop (it was torture I tell you, but I sat through it, I knew to conceal, not feel, and not let them know), and eventually came up with a rough concept for making it a reality.

Today was the first attempt, and I'm quite chuffed really!  *grin*

Oh the other happy thing is that the Dude is spending the night with Furball.  He was all excited and it was nice to see him bouncy for a change.

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