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Day 6 – I’m nearly a week in?!??!?!
Ok, so they are only short entries most of the time, but they matter.  This is doing what I hoped it would, and making me reflect back on the day in a positive way.

I am about to go and curl up in bed because I walked for a while today and my legs feel like they will fall off.  My house is a state, dishes need doing, clothes overflowing everywhere... before that was making me feel like an absolute failure.  Now, I'm not happy with it by any means, but I don't see it as my life falling apart.  It's a glitch.

Today has been another day with many highlights, Auntie Suzie is home for B's birthday visit, so we have had a fun day playing with the children and just general family time.

The Happy Moment officially though is Dude and rugby.

Season is over, and today was awards day when they all get little trophies and certificates.  What they also get though is a few sentences said about them.  I was half expecting the generic "Todd improved this year" type thing, but it wasn't.  They were a few sentences said by people who genuinely cared enough to pay attention to each individual child.

My boy's "bit" started off by saying that this trophy was going to The Lumberjack, and then his name was called.  He is apparently known for always trying to take down the biggest tree on the opposing team, and they have high hopes for him when he is actually allowed to tackle next season.  

The Lumberjack

Rugby has been a hard slog at times.  He's struggled to bond with the team members who have been there since birth (well, pretty much), he's had weeks where he has shut down and refused to play, but through the wind and rain, he's powered through and achieved so much.  Seeing his face as he heard how he was being described made me realise that it has given him all I hoped it was, and that it will only improve next season.

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