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Yeah yeah I’m three days behind… Day 4!
So the boy child is being a git (he's tired and rargh), and I thought that happy things would help right now!  Hearing "You're always too tired for me" really didn't help my mood...

So, Friday was Day 4.

Friday in general was an awesome day actually, I dragged Stray to playgroup, went to Fabricland, got B a shiny new cast, and then had a really fun night drinking and playing games (and with fire) with friends.

I think the highlight for me though was probably creating Barry.

Furball and I are going away in a few weeks for a gaming weekend.  There will be board games and card games and RPGs.  One of the RPGs we are playing though is called Monsters and Other Childish Things and I am really looking forward to it.  My character is a girl a similar age to B, and her monster is Barry Cottontail, a two headed, split personality bunny.  The rule is that you have to have a crayon drawing of your monster.  It serves absolutely no purpose in the game, but must still happen.

So, I did all the things that I needed to do at playgroup on Friday (obviously nothing to do with my child, that would be madness!), and then I set about to create Barry.

The head with green eyes is the less sociable one, he is more likely to chew you with his pointy teeth and attack you with his claws, the blue eyed head on the other hand will fill you with calm and a sense of snuggles.  Sometimes they scrap, hence Blue's slightly gnawed ears.

Sometimes happiness is letting out your inner child.

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