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On Day 7, I got post!
Today has been hard, not gonna lie.  The weekend has taken its toll, and I am looking at my calendar with a completely full week, looking round at the washing up, lounge, washing, blinds, and doing the maths.  I am fairly sure I don't have enough spoons.  

I have accepted all help offered though, and I am feeling incredibly guilty about having to turn down helping others, but it is time rather than willing that is the issue.

Anyway, I managed to get a short nap in before going to see the Dude in his school assembly.  The actual assembly was, erm, in need of TLC? but Dude himself impressed me - he spoke loudly, clearly, and confidently... something I have never managed to do!

On the way home I had a parcel to pick up.  I had a rough idea what it was, but it still made me well up (happy tears) when I opened it to find the chocolate brownies that a friend had made and posted to me to make me smile.  

I would share a picture of the actual brownies but they are a little pile of crumbs now so not overly great as a photo!

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