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A new week began with Day 8 (as numbers moving in 7s generally do)

Day 8 I had initially expected to go one of two ways, either the song Scar Tissue (yeah yeah, cryptic but I didn't care had it been relevant), or a gushing one about how amazing my friends and family are as they rallied round to help with children when I needed them.

But... Tuesday evening I got hit with a hideous migraine and could barely stay upright by 7pm.   B was my happy.  She is going to be 11 on Friday and is the terrifying beautiful mix of preteen hormones where she's a monster one moment and a loving wise girl the next.  She's growing into her mind and quirks and becoming much more settled into her personality.  

Anyway,  migraine hit and, full arm cast n all, she took over.  She got Strawb into pjs, read her a story,  put her to bed, waited in the lounge so she would hear the door knock when Emrys got home and wake me, put the two of them to bed, then realised the cats and me hadn't eaten so fed both them and me.

I feel bad that she had to take over but at the same time so, so happy and proud that she could and would wilingly do it.

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