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Day 10, last of the 10s….
No real need to "decide" the happy today.

I have just spent the last hour with B sat on my bed chatting whilst I tied rags into her hair so it is curly in the morning.  I always find it odd seeing her with curls, but they make a nice matching set then *wink*

Anyway, it has made me smile lots.  It hasn't been an easy 11 years, she's had a lot to live through, and we've had to learn a lot to help her live in the easiest way possible, but even if I do say so myself, I seem to have managed to drag her up pretty good.  She was the guinea pig, with her we had to learn together how to be a mum/daughter as well as her mum, with the others I already had the first steps so it was learning to tweak it to be the mum that they individually need too.

That won't stop me screaming in frustration tomorrow morning when she has lost her shoe, or the cereal is in the wrong bowl, but that's just part of the mix.

My baby's last photo as a 10 year old.

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