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Day 11 – Spoons, Golden Tickets, and Smiles for all!
Today is a Good Day. To the extent that I can't come up with one happy thing.
I am laying on clean, fresh, bedding after having an amazing hot shower that I have been looking forward to for days.  I have had a non-stop day but still feel like I have spoons to spare.   I don't remember the last time I had that feeling.

I'm listening to a man playing happily with his friends,  even if it's not where he wanted to be.
My biggest baby turned 11, got accepted to Hogwarts (although B being B focused on the head teacher and Minister of Magic being wrong as it is based on book one....), and is absolutely delighted with her laptop.   Scraping together the funds was totally worth it.

Gran spent her energy setting up a present opening session and has agreed to host birthday tea on Sunday. 

I have amazing friends - Shoo and Janet both helped with Strawb during hospital appointment and then extra time after which meant I could work a couple of hours too.

The Dude finally got a Golden Ticket.   School have behaviour levels.   Level One is low level git.  Level Two is moving into proper git territory.  Level Three is proper little shite.  Dude generally hovers around the level one mark.  He's not a necessarily "naughty" child in the traditional sense,  but he's definitely a handful at times, he tends not to start fights but is happy to finish them,  he won't mess about as much in class but will just refuse to work etc...  To get the Golden Ticket which provides a treat (I think this is the third half term they've been running now), you can't have hit level two,  or been consistently level one.   It is a way to actually reward those who are no trouble so end up being overlooked (like B), and an incentive to the others.   FINALLY Dude managed to be a low level git little enough during the half term to get a ticket!   He is absolutely delighted especially as we all assumed he'd not get one.   Praise be to short half terms so less time there to behave in!

That, plus he handled B getting the laptop really well,  has made me incredibly proud and happy today.

Finally.... New co-op opened by Furball.  It's shiny and big and new and made me smile so deserves a place on the list.   However pathetic that may be.  So there.

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