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Day 12 in which Smudge and I see a boy/man’s arse crack
Ok, so it's possible that not everyone sees that as a positive?

Actually arse crack guy no-one would see as a positive.  Seriously, he had a belt on his jeans specifically to keep them halfway down it?!?!?!  How is that good???  Yes I sound old but I don't care.

TL:DR version of who Smudge is - worked with him before/during pregnancy with B, lost him for about a decade, got him back last year and now he appears with vodka every so often.

We decided that as Furball was going away, he would come keep me company and we would go play pool as it was something we used to do, and hadn't done in forever.  Furball ended up not going away, but we figured the pool outing would happen anyway, and we'd get the bonus fun of drinking with him either side of playing.  Win/Win!  (Is that how that should be written?  Win, win... win - win....?)

So, I forced myself, forced I tell you, to stay in bed for most of Saturday in the attempt of having enough energy to go out.  Go out we did!

We went, we had drinks, laughs, played pool together, played with the random 17yr old who wanted us to play doubles with him and some other bloke (and probably didn't expect to lose 2:1), and generally relaxed.  There was no deep and meaningful bonding.  Just a laugh and a break.  Then we got back, I broke a little, they carried on drinking and laughing lots.  It was really good to hear how happy they both sounded even if I didn't have the energy to join in.

So yeah, Day 12 happy would be the Smudge visit.

Photo can be an old one of the two of them together.

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