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Day 13 is a day of snuggles
Today was B's birthday tea party at Gran's house.

I picked up my babies, plus the bonus child (Ayla - B's best friend from school), and headed to Gran's.  The big ones disappeared first to find another friend, then to play monopoly, so I snuggled up on the sofa with Strawb to watch Stardust.  It was the first time she'd seen it and we got halfway through when she announced "It's a lovely film!"

There's always so much to do, that I very rarely just stop and curl up under a blanket with any of them like that.  I got to just stop, and cuddle my baby girl.

When we got close to tea time, Dude lost the game of monopoly (he still struggles a lot with losing games, really must play more with him again), and he came and curled up in the lounge too.  From then on he was against leaving my side, snuggled in with me after food to watch some of Hocus Pocus, didn't even tell me off for joining in with the singing and other random lines!

I accept by Friday that I will be totally ready for school to go back, but today I am enjoying my babies and looking forward to the week off with them.

Due to the length of time since we last curled up together... v old pic!

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