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Day 15 – Sewing Mojo Back!
The blinds are an ongoing saga, I have many to make, and combined with my lack of spoons lately, it has been a struggle to even consider them let alone actually make them.  That in turn leads to many lots guilt over still not having finished them, and a house having big open windows because of me.

Yesterday, I woke up and I actually felt "normal".  Soooo, we made the table biggererer so that I had space, and I actually attacked the blinds.

By the time I reached the IhavetostopbeforeIstartgoingwrong stage last night, I only had about 2 hours left to do before it would be completed.

Today, I got to finish it, but the actually having the energy to do it was yesterday's happy.

I did discover that I screwed up though and it goes wonky halfway down. *wail* 

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