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Day 16… Keep on running….

Today.... I ran!  By run I mean a run/stumble/walk combo that takes me some distance.

I'm halfway through the Zombies Run 5km training app, which plays your music,  tells you a zombie survival story, and increases stamina gradually.   We'll overlook the fact that I am halfway through an eight week programme that I started over a year ago, and focus on me getting a stupid grin when Sam mocked my knee lifts.   Yes, that is someone in the story.   Yes, I possibly need psychiatric help.

I didn't do as much as the last session,  but it is the first one in a month, I don't feel like I used a week's worth of spoons, and I still finished the whole mission and did over 5km.

Oh, the pic shows reality vs being in app mode!

Ooh ooh and sponsor us!!!  Doing Race For Life in three weeks with Stray (even if I have to use an entire weekend's spoons), Furball will wear a pink tutu... donate!   Cancer really needs to fck off.

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