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Day 19 is about my babies
Today is two years since Aillidh died.  I could go with "nice" terms like passed away, lost her fight, or anything like that, but it wasn't nice, she didn't "lose" anything, it wasn't down to her if she won, lost, fought... a disease took over her body and nothing she could have done would have changed it.

Yes, I am aware this is a happy days thing.  Today is a bittersweet happy.

I am looking at my babies.  I bounced with Strawb to the shops earlier, I laughed with Dude about a song he was making up as he was singing, I arranged for B's friend to come round on Thursday and am listening to them chatting on the phone now.

I am so incredibly fortunate that I have all of my babies with me and healthy.  Far, far too many people I know have to answer the question of "How many children do you have?" with that feeling of pain because they have more children than the amount people can see.

I'm looking at my children tonight with awe and wonder, holding them tight, treasuring the fact that I can do that, whilst aching for Leigh & Andrew, Tanya, Cat, and all the other families who can't do that.

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