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Day 25 – LARP!
Ok, so it was a couple of days, but it counts as one day's post.  I'm making up the rules here people!

Years ago when the boy child was little and life was different, I had an awesome friend who did LARP (live action role play, go google).  We chatted and I was going to take the kids and go crew for her.  Life got in the way (I think chicken pox??) and I never got there, then life changed and it got forgotten in the chaos.

I then met Furball, and one of our first conversations was about how he did LARP.  I couldn't go to his usual one for various reasons, but last year he bounced at me saying a brand new system (think story/world being created) was starting and that we should go.

I'm still trying to get to grips with the actual role play side of it, but 3 (4?) events in, and I love it.  I get to go away, be in the open, not worry about money, or real life, and just be for a couple of days.

This time was even better as we were camping in a big tent in the trees, so we just stumbled into bed at night, and woke where we needed to be for the rest of the day.

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