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Day 28!! (We were doing 30 happy days, what do you mean that was months ago…?)

Keep up. You really should pay more attention.  This was totally something recent, and I so didn't forget I was doing it until I imported the old blog...

As I said before, we moved house.  The benefit of moving is, we have a landlord who actually does things.  Ok, so she is a friend I have had for *counts fingers* about 30 years, but that's not the point.  It is so good to both have someone who cares and will fix the issues, but also comes round for coffee and jaffa cakes.

Things are going well here, we're much more on top of the housework than we have been in forever, the children's rooms are big enough to have their toys in, and I am happy for people to come over unannounced.  It's never going to be immaculate, we aren't those people, but a home I am relaxed and comfortable in is a massive thing and makes me incredibly happy.

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