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Shh, yes I know I was doing the other blog

Yeah, so life has changed for a little bit, and the job hunting blog isn't going to get anything added to it for a while.  I'll start it back up when I go out hunting wabbits, I mean jobs, again.

So, what's new in my life?  Well, we moved house, now living with Furball as well as the brats and cats, and it turns out I have ADHD.  Yeah, I didn't know you could get diagnosed as an adult either, but there you go.  Seeing a very nice doctor who has put me on pills.  I'll explain about them in a bit.

Anyway, it has thrown up a whole load of stuff.  So many little things make more sense now, like me forgetting everyone's birthdays, thank you cards being sent in July from Christmas, me playing 25623652 different musical instruments but none of them to completion, the amount of jobs I begin and then leave half done, the biology lessons I spent racing pigeons out of the window because I sat at the side of the class and watched the field...  I'm not just lazy and sucky.  I am still lazy and sucky at times but not just lazy and sucky.

The meds.  You get two different types of meds for ADHD, stimulant ones (like ritalin etc) that tend to act now and wear off after x amount of hours, and non-stimulants that build up over time for a more gradual change.  I am on the non-stim variety.  It's been about 4 1/2 weeks now.  I'm not up to full grown up dosage yet as you build up gradually, but I am starting to see small changes.  Over the weekend I watched two films with the children without checking my phone, sorting washing, wandering off to sort snacks midway through.  Over the past few weeks I have actually completed tasks on lists sometimes.  I have given in some paperwork on time.  It is slow and gradual.  It is like in films where they pass electricity through the brain and you get the flickers running across it and peetering out again several times.  It is starting to flicker.


It isn't going to be fast, and a lot of it is me learning how I work and how best to change my behaviours to suit my own brain, but it is starting.  The first few snowflakes rolling together.  Gradually it will become a snowball that can roll.  At least that is the hope.

The side effects haven't been great.  I have been more tired (and that is saying something even for me), I have little appetite (which my jeans are liking, but isn't helping the tiredness), and I have been feeling queasy.  All of it though is manageable and are far outweighed by what I should gain from the meds.  Hopefully as my body gets used to them, it will improve.  Obviously if it carries on too long I will have to look at other options, but there are other options so all is not lost.

Back to the blog though.  I like blogs, I like writing and getting stuff out of my head.  Plus I made a deal with Astra at Stray Goddess Clothing that every time I blog, she will, and I really want her to because she is an awesome talented woman who needs a kick to make the rest of the world she her talent and awesomeness.  So I am going back to my just general day to day blog, and I will also keep track of how I think things are going in the world of the easily distracted.

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