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It’s the final! 30th Happy Day!!!

So you lot suck at the suggestion giving.  I like having lists n themes n stuff.

Will do yesterday as yesterday was awesome.

As I've mentioned before, I am much more happy and settled in this house, so when I got a slightly pleading message from Stray about being bored/tired, I was enthusiastic about doing stuff.

Helped by having Furball here full time, it meant that the car was empty enough to pick her and kids up.  Woohoo!

Children played happily all afternoon at one end of the house, we got to play happily at the other end of the house.  It was just an awesome calm and relaxing day without tension or chaos.

Plus, I got to play Malifaux again which I haven't gotten round to in ages.


One day I will get round to actually painting my figures... oh, and remembering the rules n stuff.

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