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Update on squirrels

I went to the doctor for my check up thingy, review, that's the word, and we decided that the nausea and tiredness wasn't worth the small changes I was seeing, so he switched my meds.  I am now on a low dose of a slow release stimulant one (lasts most of the day).

So far I have done three days... It's different I'll say that.  I definitely have more energy and motivation (I think my favourite quote was Shoo "I'm not sure if you're talking really fast or if my brain is working really slow...").  Not sure about focus but definitely the first two.  The main thing that I love though is that I haven't felt sick.  I didn't realise how draining it had been.  It'll be interesting to see how it goes.  The energy side seems to start wearing off at 4/5pm, but the motivation is still there which is a positive thing.

Now though, the sewing machine is out, the blinds box is out, and I am going to stop procrastinating with the blog and go actually sew.


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