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Frustration, PMT, and rargh!

The first few days of bouncy were short lived.  New pills have made it clear just how much of a difference old pills made.  I haven't been able to sit through a whole episode of Pretty Little Liars without being on reddit/facebook/imdb for most of it.  I'm forgetting everything again.  My diary is in my bag because I was ignoring it anyway.

Nightmares have eased though, so that's a plus.

I hadn't realised how much they were helping until I went back to this.  I feel a gazillion times worse than I ever was, but I am sure that is just where I am aware of the difference now.

Helpfully this is coinciding with PMT so I am convinced that everyone is out to get me, hates me, and is judging everything I say and do.  Putting it together with things falling apart again, it is fun times in my brain.

Appointment tomorrow so hopefully things will be changed a bit and improve.

Helpfully I am doing my normal thing of zoning everything out and ignoring it so that it clearly goes away and my guilt doesn't multiply exponentially... That's how it works right?

To zone out I ended up on Theme Hospital... word of advice... never trust me to heal you.  Ever.  I suck.


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