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Sewjo is back! Well kinda…

Flu, migraine, and general lack of bothered has put a dampner on the sewing.  I've had a whole list of stuff I both want and need to make (including some presents that are really annoying me because I wanted them done months ago for the actual birthdays), but it just hasn't happened.

Migraine is now down to a dull thud, and as a result (and due to Flamechick growing stupid amounts), the sewing is back on.

I have repaired the Frankenjeans for Furball to take to America with him (these jeans are held together with thread and prayers more than denim now... I had to create a whole new bit of waistband to make a new button hole for the things...), repaired the broken blazer and shirt for Chick for school (I know I lose things, but I have no clue how in the hell she rips things!), and now I am onto the skirts.

She has my legs.  She grew them a gazillion extra cms within 5 mins of having her uniform, and now her skirts are obscene.  Rather than spending the £££ on skirts for her to grow out of again in two weeks, we decided I would make her some.  She likes skirts she can run in, so we decided on half circles.

Skirts, well dressmaking in general, involves all the maths that people bitch that they never use outside of a classroom.  You can't work out the measurements for a circle skirt of any kind without using pi (I have no idea what to press to get that symbol on my keyboard).  I am very much doing my usual Wing It approach with these skirts, but the plan is invisible zip at the side, small waistband, rolled hem.  Possibly a button at the side too, but not sure yet.  Seems like more effort than is necessary.

So first... the pattern!

This page is awesome, it does all the maths for you.  One of those things that I know HOW to do, but if there is a page that will magically work it out for me, then so be it.

2015-02-22 17.03.57
Starts of the skirt pattern
2015-02-22 17.18.49
Fabric cut
2015-02-22 17.59.34
I am going to shave that cat!!! She has been sleeping on the ironing board...
2015-02-22 20.19.36
Needed it shorter, so we decided we would have fun and add the pink for the hem. If she gets told it isn't allowed (can't see it happening) then we can just change it.
2015-02-22 20.27.45
Finished! (Well, it was pinned at one side to take it in, but it is finished now)

Not bad... I think that I will make a few tweaks to #2, but for now, my baby has a far more respectable length school skirt, and I have a settled brain because I have made things!

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