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Productive! NOT the other “P” word

I have a walkaway dress post ready to go, but I need photos of me in it first, and I want to take them in the garden, and it is currently gale force winds... so yeah, that can wait.

I think the antidepressants are kicking in.  Or I just had a brain reset by having coffee with Stray.  Either way, good timesh.

I am meant to be turning out the bag of saris (I googled, and it seems to be interchangeable with sarees) and working out what I am using for the wedding, and what I need to make to go with them.

Obviously that means I have a clean kitchen, my patterns are neatly organised for the first time ever, I even have a work in progress box (otherwise known as "shit I'll get round to one day"). That it TOTALLY not the negative P word.

That one that is like productive, but is more about doing everything else that doesn't need to be done.

That one.

procrastinator award

Obviously, blogging was essential too.

I should probably play Hearthstone as well...

Maybe start tidying the lounge... or the kids' rooms...

I have no idea what is wrong with me.  I want to do this!  I am excited.  I get to wear pretties.  I am a lumpy white woman with the chance to wear a sari, I am embracing it dammit!


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