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You can indeed walkaway to lunch

Not lunch the day you started making it, but still, lunch happens in general, right?

Like many people, I was watching the Great British Sewing Bee, and I fell in love with the Walkaway Dress.  It looked simple, very flattering to my shape, and just very much "me".

So I got all excited and bought me the pattern that Simplicity re-released as a vintage re-release thingy.

When I went to look up sizes, I did a quick search for different blogs to get an idea of if it came up big or small, and just kept seeing people saying this does NOT make the dress that you want to make.

You see, Simplicity, in all their wisdom, didn't release the pattern designed for the 50s (?is it 50s) woman, no, they decided to release a reworking of it for the modern woman.

Why?  Who knows!  The modern woman who suits 50s dresses is generally a fairly 50s shape, and if they wanted a different version, they would have shopped for one!!!

Look... this is the picture on the front of the pattern...

Walkaway Dress

This is what you get when you make up the pattern that is in the pack (note, this picture is online when you search, NOT on the pattern anywhere).

walkaway wrong

The front is a completely different shape!!  The original is more fitted across the bust, and comes down to the centre across the boobs in a diagonal line, not this weird levelling off under the boobs!!!

Even the picture on the back doesn't fit either of the suggested results!


This version has binding all along the bottom which isn't in any image, and I wasn't sure if that meant it was even allowed for in the notions section.

I was not being beaten.  I wanted this damned dress and it was going to happen!

First thing to tackle was the boob line, so I changed that to be more the straight line it was in the picture.

2015-03-30 17.31.41

I had to make the pattern larger because it turns out I got bigger than I had realised, so I extended it too.

2015-03-30 18.01.21

The neckline then needed altering several times (my brain was struggling to get around where it should be when the back was larger.

2015-03-31 10.45.02

Boob fitting was then the issue.  The puppies aren't exactly petite, and darts and fitting isn't something that I am used to.  It was making my brain melt and they kept ending up square or pointy.  I went through soooooooooooooo many different blog posts trying to work out wtf to do.  (Obviously, asking the people who sew in my life, that wasn't happening... if I am learning to do something, I need to find it out for myself or I don't absorb it).  I finally fell across this blog explaining to me about curved darts, and life got so much better!  I had the boobs right.  I had the angle right.  It was a bit snug, but I could add that to the final cut and it would be fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Fabric at the ready!!

2015-04-01 19.35.41

It was not fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.  I am a moron.  Never assume you have added the right amount of extra to the pattern without actually trying it out.  Also, remember, when you are adding extra to the waist, you need to add extra to the damn skirt too.

The waist didn't join in the middle.  *weep*

I added some extra so it was going to make a sort of gap bit, but again, NEVER JUST WING IT.  That still was a teeny bit not right.

Then I had to figure out how the hell I could add more without it looking pieced together.  I decided some binding could look a "feature" and cover up the fuck up.

I sent Stray some truly enviable artwork I did in paint to explain the idea and see if she thought it would work.

2015-04-01 21.41.09

She went with "Go for it!"

Many hours, and a gazillion yards of binding later, the dress was complete!!!

I love it.  I need to try it with the underskirt as that should look amazing.

I do however really want to lose weight so I can wear it with the middle joining like it should be.  This is me though, I am aware that I have been planning to lose weight for years.  I really should learn to not look awkward as hell in photos.


It had to be tweaked again because I somehow shrunk in between finishing the dress and finally taking photos.

B wants to make one for herself yet.  I suspect we may do less tweaking for hers... although I will still angle the front bit for her when we do the pattern.

It is simple to put together, if you just use the pattern.  To be fair, now that I have my own pattern done, it would probably be fairly simple to do again.  Just one colour of binding all round would add to the ease factor too.

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