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Pretty Little Liars Stream of Consciousness – Spoilers for Season Six, Episode Two.

So, after last week's episode, Lor found a post that was someone's thoughts throughout the whole first episode.  It seemed fun.  It's not like I watch totally focussed anyway, so writing it down didn't change much.


Here's my thought process through S06E02.

  1. Lol "Bitches be screamin"
  2. So Andrew is nuts...
  3. He is so not the same person as Charles
  4. Yeah, why tell police things??? This method always works!
  5. Oooh bad dude Toby
  6. It's never over.
  7. Ooh she doesn't know either!
  8. Defensive daddy
  9. The mother isn't there??? They live one town over!!!
  10. More head hitting
  11. Nothing like that has been placed before.  Like Hanna and the locker... oh, wait...
  12. Toby's weird
  13. Yeah, army gives no leave for kidnappings
  14. How does she have a suitcase full of stuff?? It's been a night!
  15. I'd so redecorate my room.
  16. Lol "I'll order" no cooking for that mama.
  17. She's so ripping that paper
  18. Her mum wasn't told what her meds were?
  19. Yeah, maybe give Mona a break?!
  20. Seriously wtf woman?? You took her anti-anxiety meds?? It's not fcking amphetamines!!!
  21. I'm sure her dad is bigger than that.
  22. Guns?
  23. Guns.
  24. Ooh the "makeovers"! That's why bitches be screaming!
  25. "A" watched too much Saw
  26. No, no more police! Madness!... morons.
  27. "You mumma a slut"
  28. Do they not give non-disposable cups if you're staying?
  29. Woo you can re-live it on paper!
  30. Maybe learn self defence or shooting a year or so ago?
  31. Yay! No wallpaper!
  32. I'd so be Hanna.
  33. Oh ffs we're introducing Lorenzo now? He will be red herring then totally forgotten within 3 episodes.
  34. Does the mum have a job again? I can't remember any more...
  35. Why are they so confused by this???
  36. That moon makes her look pregnant
  37. Bad Things Happened
  38. See - Saw!!!!  (not see-saw)
  39. I like her mum most I think
  40. Lol! The tax man is also interested...
  41. Almost like it wasn't Andrew...
  42. Yeah... lying always helps.
  43. Very convincing testimony there Aria.
  44. Bet "Andrew and "Fine" would have been awesome words for a drinking game this episode.
  45. Toby finally becomes bright.
  46. She bought that truck for him to be a carpenter.  Ungrateful dick.
  47. Totally gonna choose Spencer
  48. Lol! That was Spencer, right?
  49. Yep, God.  He's been so awesome.
  50. Ah, shoehorn in Lorenzo.
  51. Same face... she's not stupid.
  52. Ah!  No go = bad things = maybe go back
  53. More secrets?? It's CHURCH ffs
  54. Nice loophole.
  55. Yeah, no anger there.
  56. They don't know the date??
  57. She's a weird pro and anti gun mix
  58. We ARE all A!
  59. No shit Aria
  60. <snigger> penis jokes
  61. Give her your pills!
  62. "For always choosing you because we like you least."
  63. Oh, or steal them...
  64. Just ask her!! She'd say yes!!
  65. Caleb sex would help.
  66. Her.  Not me.  Well... ok, both of us.  Not at the same time.
  67. Look past their ear.  It works.
  68. Sex.
  69. Or a table.  Whatever.
  70. Church saw.  Church isn't angry, just disappointed.
  71. Stupid miniature food.
  72. Let him stay
  73. Good woman.
  74. Urgh, suddenly imagined it as B.
  75. Yep.  Just like it had to be Ezra? Or Alison? Or dead dude...?
  76. Paige or dad?
  77. Sarah?
  78. Oh yeah, no-one asked why she ran originally.
  79. Her mum actually beats Spencer's for shitty parenting!
  80. Funk and justice
  81. No, you banned the pills bitch.
  82. Ok, maybe better.
  83. IS she pregnant?? Will Google after...
  84. Subtle!

Ok, so Google says that she isn't pregnant, but that there have been various bump pictures floating around... interesting...

1 thought on “Pretty Little Liars Stream of Consciousness – Spoilers for Season Six, Episode Two.

  1. 1. Dad knows. ‘No *Charles* DiLaurentis’. Too much accent on Charles.
    2. God Sarah has great hair considering she’s been kidnapped for two years.
    3. Obviously you were hit on the head, Sarah. EVERYONE GETS HIT ON THE HEAD.
    4. Bad little girls. A clue? Someone else’s words, for sure.
    5. How did she see who took her, Emily? She just SAID she’d been hit over the head. Sharp as ever.
    6. Tobes in uniform, as always, after his amazingly fast entrance to being the main cop in town.
    7. Lolololol feminists.
    9. If I’m ever kidnapped I hope I look as good as those girls so soon after. Or, ever, really.
    10. Sarah kidnapped for years, sent home after days. Tory cuts?
    11. Redecorate?
    12. MORE take away. They ALWAYS eat take away. And mum drinks like a fish. Yet skeletal. WTB her metabolism kkthnx.
    13. LOTS of tablets. Antibiotics for what exactly? And why so many kinds?
    14. Charmed, that’s where you came from, love, Charmed.
    15. IT’S NOT ANDREW.
    16. Take your shoes off, you’re indoors.
    17. ‘I’ll help you in any way I can’ – except letting you take doctor prescribed medication for anxiety after being held prisoner by a fucking psycho for over 3 weeks. Yeah, ‘anything’.
    18. Oooh, Emily gonna turn badass? At least maybe she’ll stop whining.
    19. Goblins. About as feasible as it being ANDREW fgs.
    20. Ezra is a creep.
    21. No Ezra, she won’t write your shitty book for you.
    22. What?! Ezra you met them at THE DOOR. The door OUTSIDE. You were never ‘in that place’.
    23. Ooooh. Caleb.
    24. Wow, that cop isn’t white.
    25. ok, toby, ali, what???
    26. How does Caleb know about the bedroom?
    27. Beanbag chairs. Yes, they’ll definitely fix things. Beanbag chairs.
    29. Aria is a twat.
    30. Oooh. Who did she choose? I’d choose Aria, for any pain.
    31. New character at this point – gotta be a baddie.
    32. OF COURSE SHE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE. You’re the only person with skin darker than my bronzing pearls that isn’t something to do with Emily.
    33. Aria chose Spencer!
    34. Does that say ‘testinal’ on the bottle? I thought they were antibiotics?
    35. Oooh, Caleb.
    36. Really? Caleb is RIGHT NEXT TO YOU ON A BED and you’re thinking about a nightstand. A freaking nightstand.
    37. Sarah’s a baddie.
    38. Oooh, Sarah Knows Things.

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