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Crazy Japanese Woman Inspired Musings
So Stray got the book with the "crazy" Japanese woman.  She folds things so they stand up, she is very concerned about socks not feeling like potatoes, and she says only keep things that bring you joy. She's utterly nuts.  So so nuts.  But still, mum handed me a copy of the book to look at, and I figured it was worth a shot.  I hate living in the chaos I do, so pretty much any new plan to fix it gets absorbed (and then promptly forgotten). As much as she is insane though... the basic premise makes so much sense.  Keep only what brings you joy.  Don't keep things just because they were given as a gift.  They brought joy when they were given to you for both the person who gifted and you receiving.  That job may now be done and parting with them isn't going to be some desperate snub of friendship. So, I have been folding things standing up.  I have been getting rid of things.  Not masses.  I cannot focus enough for a big swoop at it all, but just as I pick things up I am looking at it thinking "Joy?" and gradually reducing the amount of stuff. So because Stray convinces me that things are a good idea, I am part of a Facebook group for it too.... Today someone asked
"Many of us are raised to go to school get a good education so you can get a good job and from there have a family, save for retirement so you can be properly taken care of in your old age. It's all about work/sacrifice now so 'in the future'you can have/do what you want. KM'ing has made me think 'what about now?' Why not do what brings me joy now? Instead of saving my nice things for special occasions why not enjoy them now? But then I worry when I get that special occasion by using my special things as every day things, do they lose their 'specialness'? And what do I teach my children about how to live their lives? Do I teach them as I was taught to get a good education and a good job and save for retirement or do I teach them to fill their lives with things and activities that truly bring them joy now because tomorrow is not guaranteed?"
It made me think.  It made me think a lot.
I'd say a bit of both when it comes to our children... they need to be taught to plan for their future but not LIVE for their future. I say this though from a life where everything turned completely upside down.  I didn't think things would change much, there was a future planned out, then one small bit of bacteria and the world changed. Special occasions are not caused by the things, but by the occasions. Some of my best memories are of nights with candlelit dinners in the garden.... nothing fancy about them at all, but incredibly special. When Furball first got ill I played Radio Roulette a lot (yeah yeah, so I still do now... it's fun).  The most played song though was Pink - Who Knew.  It wasn't a newly released song, but for some reason it was just the one that kept coming up when I was asking what would happen.  Taken literally, it is a terrifying song to get when your partner is ill!!!  But when I look at it from the point of my world and my life then... "If someone said 3 years from now, you'd be long gone, I'd stand up and punch them out, cause they're all wrong".   I thought there was always tomorrow.  That our lives then were set and we had a rough path ahead.  I didn't realise that that entire world could disappear. [youtube] Live for now.  Live for joy.

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