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Getting my mental health on… or something…

Love this visual ADD representation!

What it is, vs what people think it is.

It's so much harder than I ever expected to be able to explain to people what it is.  The completed projects bit is always my issue.  I start a gazillion things and finish so few.

I do wonder how much of my life would have been different if I finished things... but meh, that is the past and I wouldn't be me now if that hadn't all happened.

So many things I just haven't started at all because I "know" I won't finish them.


I'm sat waiting for a counsellor to call me, hence the random thoughts outpouring with no real aim... stupid phones.

They should so be able to do counselling via text in some way.  I know it is just the assessment, and the actual stuff is meant to be in person, but seriously, they would get so much more from me if I could do it like when you get support from websites, a little chat window or something.

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