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I made stuffs!!! AKA The Dress from the Bastard Fabric of Hell

Months back I gave the gift of a custom made child's dress as an auction prize.

It took quite a bit of back and forth because the winner bought it as a gift, so first I was discussing with him via email, then his daughter via email, then there was the wedding etc. and it all got a bit chaotic.


But, eventually we decided on a dress design, and fabric.


The original fabric was a no-go because the awesome Slytherin at Fabricland told me that it sucked and all the sparkle came off, so I had to make an educated guess and hope that the winner approved.


Thankfully she did.

The chosen fabric was hell.  It frayed like a bastard when you so much as looked at it, so I ended ziz zagging along the edges, and them searing them with a lighter to stop the fraying.  Then I had issues making the bodice lay flat, but after asking some advice online, the plan was made to under stich it, which worked perfectly.

 20150807_195229 20150807_195248

The bodice and skirt didn't go together as neatly as I had wanted.  Next time I shall be constructing it slightly differently in an attempt to make the inside neater.  I'll also be using a circle skirt for the base as I prefer how they hang and swirl.

All in all though, I am very pleased with the finished dress, and am waiting impatiently for an email to tell me it has arrived and that she doesn't hate it!!

dress frontdress back2

I do need to learn how to sell stuff though... raising funds for an overlocker is very high on my wants list, but I can't justify using normal household money to save for it as there are many more things that "we" could use rather than something for "me" to use.

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