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Found the photo that sums me up!

Sorry for the photo of a photo... no scanner.


I found this in an old book today.  I had totally forgotten it even existed, but it was how I was for so much of my early years.  It is the me that I remember being (my childhood memories are exceptionally fuzzy, I don't know if that is a me thing or a trait, I should ask...).

I am sat here with headphones on, these played story tapes or songs, or read-along books.  I also have a book on my lap, it may have been related to the tape, but it was just as likely to be a completely unrelated one.  Plus you have the balloon as you need something extra to do at all times...

If you look at me now, I have a phone on my desk running a game (don't you judge my Marvel Puzzle Quest addiction!!), Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit on one monitor, and the blog I am writing in the other.  There is no background music playing, but that is because I always have a song looping in my head so music when I am doing things tends to just be an annoying and unnecessary thing.

If you look by "my spot" in the lounge you will see my book.  I only ever sit there if I am watching TV, but the book is pretty much always with me too in case I need to read it.  My phone will be with me, normally with the various things I would have had on that first monitor.

The meds are helping.  On them I am less likely to look at the book or the phone or the other screen, as they wear off then these things creep back in.

But you know what that photo shows best about me... I am peaceful.  I am happy and comfortable.  I may be in my own little world for so much of the time, but you know what, it is a good world and when I am in it, I am the me in that photo.  I'm good.

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