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Ohana… What a wonderful phrase

Why yes,  I am merging my Disney,  so there.

Today hasn't been fun.  I have a migraine.  I need to Mum so I'm at the stage of I may as well blog on my darkened phone too as I'm in pain through just being awake,  at least I'm emptying  my brain at the same time.

The children have been absolutely amazing. It's not their first migraine and they know how they affect me,  so they have pulled together.  Lunch involved me rummaging and producing soup.  Dude isn't a soup fan but I hadn't been shopping so options were limited...  Knowing this,  B got dressed and went to buy bread so he could have sandwiches instead.

She helped me put up a "curtain" to darken the kitchen.

I apologised to Strawb for being a rubbish mum today and she replied with "You're not rubbish,  you're poorly."

They work as a team.  I'm incredibly proud.

I vividly remember the turning point.  Carys was just 1, so the others would have been 4 & 7. I had been doing it alone for six months.  I don't remember the final straw,  that trigger,  but I just couldn't do it anymore.  They saw mummy have a(nother) meltdown, and then I sat them down.  I reminded them of Lilo and Stitch.  Of "Ohana". I explained to these very young children that there was one of me and three of them,  and no matter how hard I tried,  I couldn't do it alone.  We needed Ohana. We needed nobody to be left behind or forgotten, and to do that we all needed to watch out for each other.

From that point on our dynamics changed. Part of me feels bad,  that they were very young to have that responsiblity,  but the other part is immensely proud.  Yes,  we fight,  they are mean to each other in that way that siblings can be utterly cruel,  but when it comes to it,  they live by Ohana.


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