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School is back!


It went back for two yesterday, all three today.

Life gets easier with school back, right?

Or, judging by today...  drag one out of bed and convince him that he is tired and not dying, deal with tears because you gave one milk on cereal when she wanted it dry, deal with meltdown about shoes/blazer/hair (colour and style)/school in general/me stopping her clawing her arm to pieces scratching, drop off one to breakfast club, the other to the school in the opposite direction, deal with a call from school about said hair colour and try to explain to the woman why she was against having it dyed brown, and get her to explain that "natural" means a natural shade of dye too, not just YOUR natural colour, notice PE bag still in car, realise that you have already hit Fuck It stage and it can stay in the car, she can do PE in her uniform for a day... then look at the clock and realise it is still only 8.45am.

Have children they said... it'll be fun they said...

But then I see things like this, and I kinda wanna keep them.



1 thought on “School is back!

  1. I don’t do the whole ‘It’s September! Buy new uniform!!’ thing because, particularly with my boys, they grow so freaking much and rip everything every few weeks that we replace OFTEN during term-time so do it all on an as-and-when basis.

    This is supposed to make it easier for me to send them back to school because I wash their uniform in July, put it away neatly in their drawers, feck off to Sweden for 6 weeks and then take it out of their drawers, put it on, go back to school.

    SOMEHOW both boys have no school jumper this morning. We arrived back in the country at 8pm last night, took the Ocado order so everyone would have breakfast and collapsed into bed ready for the 7am alarm. You can guess how impressed I am that clean, washed jumpers have vanished in the last 6 weeks of an empty house.

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