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I think the elastic broke… gonna be a burrito instead.

My big girl knickers didn't stay up very well.  (Woah?)

I managed to get my house looking good, including finding carpet in my room and the little ones' room, but other than that... meh.

I have manned up and asked to increase the antidepressants.  My brain seems to be incapable of functioning with this whole life thing atm.  Woo.

I get torn between talking about depression on here to be open about it as I feel it is something that people still feel too ashamed of (including myself), but at the same time I don't want a blog filled with whinging, and for my self loathing to be external.


Today I have crashed.  I threw my big girl pants in the wash and put on some comfy pjs instead.  Weirdly exhausted, brain so not working in the slightest.  I'm kinda on top of child things (made easier by a broken Dude saying he isn't up to doing cubs), there is food cooking etc.  Dishwasher is on, washing has been put on today.  I am more on top of things than when I am mentally broken, but this isn't fun.  For those of you who have been pregnant, it is that 6-12 weeks tiredness where you just have to sleep now or you'll keel over.  No, I am not pregnant.  Looking at the boy child I suspect maybe a virus...

I need to start on Strawb's birthday dress.  Probably tomorrow though... I can't see pattern design going well on a day when I have gone out in the pouring rain twice and forgotten a coat each time.  If it was dry when I left I could understand it!!

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