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Been missing again.  I'm sure you're all shocked. I did spend a good chunk of October sewing, so I guess that is a win.
No sewing, but I did the face paints, and made the human...
No sewing, but I did the face paints, and made the human...
Silent Bob
The Doctor
Spider Gwen
Pretty much all of the rest of the time I have been asleep. The Dr says it is most likely psychosomatic and stress.  I say it is thyroid.  We're currently in a stand off situation... I am having a week keeping track of everything I do/don't do, every time I sleep etc.  That way I can go in and explain everything properly, show how although my results are "normal" they have changed from when I felt good, to now, and beg for just 2 months on a higher dose.  If it doesn't help or if it makes me go out of "normal" ranges then I will accept that I am just mentally broken, but it feels so much like pre-diagnosis that I am struggling to accept it. Meh, maybe it is just all mental.  Maybe I want it to feel the same because I don't want to be crazy.  I know it doesn't help that I cry when I am exhausted, I cry when I am worked up, so trying to explain how I feel to a Dr whilst crying, and seeming like it isn't an emotional issue is kinda a struggle! All I know is that I can't be the mother I want to be to my children, the partner I want to be, or the friend I want to be, because I just don't have it physically in me to do everything that I need to.  I hate that.  I hate knowing what my heart and my head want to go do, and my body laughing going "Yeah, no." and slapping me in the face with a frying pan. I thought maybe writing it out would help.  It has made me tired and want to nap... Hmm...  If I can just make it through until 8pm...

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