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No resolutions
I'm not one for resolutions.  I know me, I have forgotten them by 12th January. This festive season has been one for reflection though, and for learning.  I spend my time wanting Furball to know and accept his health and his limitations, but at the same time, I have been going with "Do as I say, not as I do". I have realised that I need to accept that too.  Both his and mine. This year (for the beginning at least) is about understanding and working with the bodies and brains we are given. I am back to exercising (well, I did a session yesterday which totally counts as a routine...), I need to get back into running.  I am probably going to start logging it here more as I am happier when I talk about these things. I love having all the boxes gone from the conservatory, so my brain is more settled in here again. I spotted a comment on the reddit ADHD section about using headphones to shut everything out in supermarkets, and remembered that for a while I always had my mp3 player attached to me, and things like shopping were so much easier to handle when all the extra stimuli was shut out.  So, I used Christmas pennies to buy a new one (it's me, we all know I have no idea where the old one is...), and am going to try out that theory again. So pretty much, new year... work with the old me as I kinda rock when I like myself. new year  

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