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Nothing like a good whinge
Sorry guys.  I have a gazillion positive posts floating around my head to write,  but they are refusing to leave. I'm hurting.  My hips won't stop aching.  I'm feeling constantly drained.  I think my thyroid meds are the right level.  I think this is just "me" now. I'm fed up.  Not depressed feeling,  just incredibly frustrated. I decided I was just being pathetic and self pitying so I took Strawb to teach her to ride her bike.  We managed about twenty mins out before I needed to crawl home.  Most of that I wasn't doing the active part of teaching. Maybe I just need to accept that I now have x amount of days utterly fcked?  Maybe I need a complete change of diet (but I'm not very creative in the kitchen which doesn't help,  especially when much used recipes are easier than learning new things)? Furball has actual things wrong with him.  Me, I just feel "broken". I feel like I just need to pull myself together and it's all psychological. Once again Strawb isn't going to the swimming lessons that she loves because I cannot manage it with feeding everyone AND guides runs.  This is such a pathetic post,  I'm sorry.  I need it out of my head though,  maybe then I will be fixed? image

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