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Two months, three events, so many laughs, so many tears…

3... The amount of Cancer Research UK activities taken part in during 2016

2... The amount of months they covered

24... The amount of hours for Relay for Life

39265... The amounts of steps taken during the relay

670.63... The amount of £ raised by team Surprise Me

3485.38... The amount of £ raised by team Happiness is Key

Uncounted... the amount of laughs shared, muscles pulled, miles walked, people missed, people remembered, tears shed.

It has been a long couple of months.  Well, it's been a long few years!  I apologise now for how photo-heavy this will be, but it all needs to be there.

Every year the money is raised so that once we hit a target, we get to dress Adam up.  This year there were three events, therefore, three targets, and three opportunities.

We began with Race for Life 5km  13419000_10154243046763126_8908887239032996823_n

Team Surprise me grows every year, and this year it included Tyler and Dude too, both wanting to take part for their own personal reasons.13433169_10154243046348126_3265415662651370167_o

First target was hit, and giant baby Adam was born, complete with angry eyebrows.  We ran, we stumbled, and we made it through.

Then came Pretty Muddy 5km13406751_10154258370563126_3104642258751602935_n

This time it was just me and Stray taking part, but again, the target was hit, so we went with a St Trinian's theme.  13418818_10154258350703126_7725875055774969882_n

There was an issue with the mud, so we finished fairly clean,but just as exhausted.13433193_10154258600983126_7340005542439261872_o

Finally was Relay13775508_10154344410476057_2034123105646653416_n

24 hours as a team ensuring there was always someone walking round the track.  The reasoning being that cancer doesn't stop, so neither should we.  There were various costumed laps for bonus points, and also Relay's Got Talent. We chose RGT for our final target.  13745256_1087466967986769_1220178013_nThere was no discussion involved to know that as a family, The Time Warp was the only choice for what to perform.  Naturally that required Adam's final outfit to be suitably Rocky Horror.  13724572_1625254027786072_348381411_nHe gave it his all, complete with skinning his knees when committing to the power slide.



The team was many family members, including Bunny.  We stumbled, we leapt, we got over caffeinated (seriously, unless you see hyper Dude as a disco zombie then you haven't lived), we laughed, and we cried.13740982_1720294228235865_1613054418_n

Loved ones were remembered with candles.

Aillidh was remembered with Call Me Maybe.

It has been a painful couple of months.  Each event means a step closer to cures, but each event makes the wounds that much more raw.  The fears that much more great.  It also however makes the love that much more strong.  The love for those who are gone, and the love between us.


I am proud of my family.  I am proud of my babies. I am proud of my Furball.


You can still donate either here or here.


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