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What have I gotten myself into?!!?

So, someone had the bright idea of suggesting to me that seeing as I currently can't work for various reasons making it stupidly that we would be far worse off if I had a job at the moment (don't go into it, it isn't worth it), and as I am extremely frustrated at not being able to, that I could actually study.

I did the research and realised we would be no worse off (actually probably slightly better off) if I were to go to university.

So, I pondered, and decided that an English Degree would be the best option.  I only discussed it with a few people, as it didn't seem worth mentioning if I didn't even get past the application stage...

I got in!

This email was exciting and absolutely terrifying all at once.


What the hell am I doing????  I'm 35, with three children, and haven't studied anything in a bajillion years!  I have some super women on my Facebook who have done it, and who I have looked at wistfully wanting to be them when I grow up... but... I'm not grown up yet!!! I've sent off all the paperwork.  I've filled in many forms.  I found it fairly amusing that I count as being on the Special Needs Register because of the ADHD.  It's now real.  Really real.

I'm excited to see what I am like studying now I am medicated.  I'm excited to learn.  I have no clue how I am going to juggle home, uni, family...

I have no idea what I need!  What do you need at uni??  I get to buy new pens, right?  Do all the kids have laptops now, or is pen and paper for notes etc still normal???

*rocks in corner*


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