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Starting the next chapter… aka OhCrapOhCrapOhCrapOhCrap

Well the last few days have been overwhelming to say the least.

I am now officially a university student.  35, mother of 3, and a university student.

Just attempting the Pre-Arrival Activity was hard enough.  Forcing myself to re-read Dorian Gray was so not a problem, but attempting to answer questions on it...??  I have forgotten how to read questions, let alone answer them.  Then adding in "Mum? Mum!  MUM!" every few minutes, it became a touch stressful.  But I got through and got it done.  Obviously to then discover that not everyone had.

The first day came.  B had been very concerned about me making friends and insisted on me wearing clothes based on my likes (to be fair, that's my wardrobe pretty much anyway.)

I don't do  Peopling.  I know I was always shy as a kid, but I don't recall being quite as awkward as I have become as an adult.  Maybe I was oblivious to it??  But, I put on my big girl panties (Star Wars to be precise) and my Marvel dress, and I went for it.

So many scared, lost looking people was actually reassuring.  I was freaking because I'm Old and haven't studied in a gazillion years, but half of these people are freaking because they're living away from home for the first time, generally in a completely new town, and know no-one.  Fear is fear regardless of the cause, and it was a strangely soothing feeling.

I spoke to people (sort of...), I sat with people, I did Peopling.

I discovered that the course is far more media-y than I realised which actually suits me far better than the classic style English Degrees, so woohoo!

I got home, and slept.  Poor kids: "How was your first day??"  "Zzzzzzz".  Peopling is exhausting dammit.

Going to university as a mother is obviously a very different experience than going with no responsibilities.  I can't join gaming clubs because I have swimming and guides, going for a drink after class vies with cooking my babies dinner.  But at the same time, there are some awesome things.  Texts from B throughout Monday checking I was doing OK, making friends, and generally settling in are something that I never expected.  That feeling of "I made that and it is lovely".  I do love that the Aspie is the one giving me advice on how to People!


She asked me who I met, if I had worn the right clothes... Obviously I am amazing at names so I could tell her that I met "Harry Potter Girl" and "Friends T-Shirt" amongst others.  I figured she'd be less excited about "The boy who had the exact same back of head as Anthony from English Lit"

Today was easier.  The speaking and Peopling came easier.  Bonus being that I like everyone I have Peopled with so far.

I still came home absolutely drained, after doing nothing! I lie, I learnt how to take a book out from the library and how to try to return it.  I also got free shit, so yeah, I guess it was very arduous.

Getting used to some sort of a routine and juggling everything is going to be tricky, but so far, with my whole two afternoons of experience, it seems like I made an awesome choice for the future.


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